About Us


An honest voice having the vision to provide a vibrant literary culture with the creative writers with the literary commune to promote peace and humanity in the society.


1. To provide a vibrant literary culture among the creative writers.

2. To encourage the development of poets and writers in society.

3. An initiative to promote peace and humanity in society.

4. To provide an ambiance among the literary communities to work together for a common cause.

5. To provide a platform for human expression for the deep inner expression of suppressed thoughts.

6. To encourage hidden voice from the grass-root contributors giving them an opportunity to express human values.


Seeing an ambedo in the realm of life is a pursuit of search. The inquisitive creative mind wanders to make the ink to talk. Words need ink to be read and flown into many hearts. The choice of a word defines the state of mind and a passionate heart. Ink with a heart gives soul to the words. The world needs a phrontistery with a humane heart. Any project which is conceived with a good intention towards the betterment of the society has an impact on society. The IJCLPH provides a platform to spread peace with noble ink from the novice and literary luminaries. An ink can bring about changes which are far-reaching and influence a change in society. To be part of a literary journey which can influence and bring about changes towards peace and awareness in the society is a privilege. The IJCLPH provides a platform to share the literary prowess and a healthy ambiance for the literary commune to contribute to the society towards peace and humanity.

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