Table of Content

  1. Founders' Voice

  2. Cover Story
    The Brave Heart by Ms Madhu Jaiswal (India)

  3. Interview
    An Erudite Conversation with a Literary Connoisseur: Hon. Dr Stephen Conlon (Australia) by Dr. Sanjeev Kumari Paul, (India)

  4. Featured Writer
    GOD’S WILL OR OURS by Ms Preethi Warrier (India) (Short Story)

  5. Poetry
    HANG ON by Ms Banani Sikdar (India)
    MUSINGS OF AN UNSETTLED QUEEN by Ms Sanjhee Gianchandani (India)
    SPARKS AND FLAMES by Ms Priyanka Banerjee (India)
    THE DUMB TREE by Mr Rajesh Chowdhury (India)
    HOMAGE TO THE WOMEN OF THIS LAND by Mr Stephen Oladayo Oladokun (Nigeria)
    IN MY OWN EYES by Mr Subhankar Dutta (India)
    MAGIC PENNY by Ms Lenore Weiss (United States of America)
    LAG by Ms A Whittenberg (United States of America)
    BEATITUDES by Mr Chinonso Eze (Nigeria)
    HEARTSTRINGS by Ms Kashish Arora (India)
    THE HUMANITY THAT IS MURDERED by Ms Misna Chanu (India)
    ENGLISH AUGUST by Ms Pankhuri Sinha (India)
    CELEBRATING SELF by Ms Parineeta Mehra (India)
    MY POEMS ARE GOING TO MEET by Ms Roy Kanta (India)
    HANDS OF DESTINY by Ms Sudha Viswanath (India)
    CANDLE IN THE WIND by Ms Aditi Lahiry (India)
    THE FIREFLY by Miss Gayatri Samudra (India)
    THE PRINCIPLED MAN by Ms Lawal Atiyatullah (Nigeria)
    THE UNVARNISHED SUPERPOWER by Mr Milan Mondal (India)
    LOCKED UP by Ms Nia Rohania (Indonesia)
    MY CHILD by Ms Nisha Rana (India)
    LOVE MAKES ME VERY RESTLESS by Mr Ro Hamedullah (Myanmar)
    AWAKENED by Ms Sonali Ray (India)
    IN MY SOUL by Ms Sushanta Bhattacharjee (India)
    IN THE MORNING AT 6:13 by Mr Sam Caton (United States of America)


    YES, AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! by Ms Shristy Sinha (India)
    Not to be Found on a Heavy Note by Ms Sweta Kumari (India)
    O MUSE by Tejaswini Patil, Ph.D. (India)
    Oblivion Land by Mr Orbindu Ganga (India)

  6. Short Story
    THE PALMIST by Mr Jacob Job (India)
    S.O.S by Ms Samiksha Bhatnagar (India)
    PERPETUAL BLISS by Mr Marcelo Medone (Argentina)
    COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS by Ms Sudha Viswanath (India)

  7. Memoirs/Essay


    Garden of Five Ghosts by Ms Sanjeev Kumari Paul (India)

  8. Quote with the Image
    Quote by Ms Salma Maburya
    Quote by Dr Srikala Ganapathy

  9. Published and Unpublished books

    Sophia and Cassius by Anna Canić

  10. The Sea, Within INNSAEI

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