Table of Content

  1. Founders' Voice

  2. Cover Story
    The Role of Literature in Spreading Peace and Humanity in
    Contemporary Scenario by Ms Rini Valentina

  3. Interview
    An Erudite Conversation with Dr Kanako Tomisawa (Japan) by Dr Sanjeev Kumari Paul (India)

  4. Featured Writer
    Your World My World (Short Story) by Ms Bindu

  5. Poetry
    The Lonely Black Hole by Mr Dominic Loise
    Grappling Soldiers by Ms Zee Aslum
    Vermillion Roof by Ms Nitusmita Saikia
    Bonsai Lives by Mr Saiprakash Kuntamukkala
    Good Morning, Sir by Mr Sreedharan Parakode
    Death Is Marching by Ms Sulekha Samantray
    Boorish: The New World by Ms Sutanuka Mondal
    The River’s Wisdom by Ms Johanna Devadayavu
    What the World Needs by Dr Suman Keswani
    Coy Mistress Speaks by Mr Soumik Kumar De
    Shadows Behind by Mr Chinonso Eze
    Being People is Very Easy Job by Ms Pankhuri Sinha
    Inner Strength by Mr Sabur Ali
    The Lockdown Poem by Ms Eva Petropoulou- Linoy
    Motivation by Mr Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana
    Under the Shadow of Silence by Ms Misna Chanu
    The True Reflection by Ms Aditi Lahiry
    The Lovers by Ms Soma Debray
    Allies or Foes by Dr Thirupurasundari
    Peace is in the Hands of Love by Mr Antaryami Mishra


    Dinned Without Smiles by Mr Orbindu Ganga
    Darkness Withers by Dr Sushmindarjeet Kaur

  6. Short Story
    The New Leaf by Ms Aditi Lahiry

  7. Fiction


    Festival of Grandeur by Dr Sanjeev Kumari Paul
  8. Memoirs/Essay


    To watch Or Not To watch by Jessieca Leo, Ph.D.
    Unforgettable Laughter by Dr Savita Patil

  9. Quote with the Image
    Quote by Ms Eeshafad Sakiwa

  10. Published and Unpublished books

    The Man Who Was Afraid of Love by Ms Eva Petropoulou - Lianoy


    The Cyclone Will End by Ms Rini Valentina

  11. The Sea, Within INNSAEI

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